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RIPPLES of EVIL, a Romantic Suspense Novella

With strange fainting spells rattling James Fitzgerald’s sense of identity and complicating his acting career, he seeks solace at his country home in Virginia, once owned by his parents. But instead of a relaxing getaway with his closest friends, he walks into a bloodbath. And a cryptic message points to him as the killer.

Carrie Johnson has hidden herself away in northern Virginia’s woods to escape an abusive husband. But her attempts to stay isolated from society are confounded by her attraction to her only neighbor, part-time resident James Fitzgerald.

Virtually under house arrest and struggling to resist his growing attraction to Carrie, James distracts himself by investigating his parents’ backgrounds, seeking an explanation for the fainting spells. Instead, he discovers some shocking truths about his family and himself and ends up wondering if he should have let sleeping ghosts lie.

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Erica has sworn off of relationships and moved to Maryland for a new start after the death of her mother and the end of a disastrous love affair. But she soon finds it’s lonely with her only true friend over a hundred miles away.

Hoping to cultivate some female companionship, she allows herself to be dragged to a Valentine’s Day party by a coworker. But instead of making new female friends, she meets two young men, both of whom pursue her.

Why do I always fall for the bad boys? Erica wonders as she contemplates her dilemma. And what a delicious dilemma it is, especially since Jules, the sweet one, isn’t pressuring her to make a decision.

Beautiful, blue-eyed Jules who adores her. And the dark, devilish Drew, whose flirtations with bondage stoke her inner fire like nothing ever has before.

Why can’t she enjoy both men for a while longer? And so she does, until things start going wrong.

Horribly, horribly wrong.




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