The Binding Love Romantic Suspense Series — Steamy Romance/Heart-Pounding Suspense

Binding Vows: Binding Love #1

Binding Vows cover

Prudence Parker seems like a got-it-all-together young woman, but under the surface she has her share of issues and personal demons—from hating her name to trying to control the “beast” inside her that compels her to seek out men who make lousy, and sometimes downright dangerous, romantic partners.

Discovering she’s pregnant by an abusive ex-fiancé solves one issue, a particularly pushy biological clock. But then the s.o.b. files for custody.

Her platonic friend from childhood suggests they get married, in name only. While this may help her legal case, it adds other complications. And her ex is not giving up. He wants the baby.

Why is this self-centered man so obsessed with fatherhood, to the point where he will do anything? Even frame her for murder… or worse.

WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual scenes (including some BDSM), and some graphic violence that may be triggering.

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Binding Choice: Binding Love #2

Binding Choice new cover

After the death of her mother and the end of a disastrous love affair, Erica Burke has sworn off of relationships and moved to Maryland for a new start. But she soon finds it’s lonely with her only true friend over a hundred miles away.

Hoping to cultivate some female companionship, she allows a coworker to drag her to a Valentine’s Day party. But instead of making new female friends, she meets two young men, both of whom pursue her.

Why do I always fall for the bad boys? Erica wonders as she contemplates her dilemma. And what a delicious dilemma it is.

Beautiful, blue-eyed Jules who adores her. And the dark, devilish Drew, whose flirtations with bondage stoke her inner fire like nothing ever has before. Guys play the field all the time, so why can’t she keep it casual and enjoy both men for a while?

And so she does, until things start going wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. And both men show their true colors…

WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual and violent scenes that may be triggering.

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